Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ralph Lauren 2009 Summer Collection

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Ralph Lauren

Fashion trends are set by designers internationally and locally. But we don't solely depend on them. We also need to look around and see what the ordinary people are wearing. In that case we are on the position to plan your styling for the season either you wanna be outstanding or be part of the trend.

This year the Ralph Lauren Summer 2009 Collection is really fabulous! The collection ranges from Shimmering Luxury to Breezy Elegance to Throwaway Glamour - the common element is the color white, gold and black. Also, khaki outfits inspired on both Indiana Jones and Kathleen Turner’s role right from The Romancing the Stone film from 1984 with Michael Douglas. Baggy 3/4 trousers worn along with sandals. Cedar-coloured accessories: belts, shoes, bags and necklaces. Ralph Lauren's Spring/Summer collection 2009 is another must have designer clothes collection this year.. This collection was very cultural, and bold enough for any woman of any background to wear.

This season is truly a season of personal style and every woman is certain to find the right items to make her fashion statement!

Ralph Lauren summer line has a sexy blend of softness and glamour bringing out the feminine side in an elegant and sophisticated way.