Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rock on a Hot and Sexy Bikini Jeans

These awfully sexy bikini Jeans from Sanna's Brazil Fashion, a Japanese clothing company Sanna, has blurred the line between a G-String bikini and a pair of denim jeans. She has provided her customers with the solution to their request for ultra-low-rise jeans, a hybrid of denim and thong bikini bottoms. In order that you may avoid showing your knickers in public, enter the bikini jeans.These hip-hugging jeans are held up by a ribbon tied at the side or elasticated G-String and allow women to bearing more of their behinds in public, reminiscent of the fashion faux pas of flashing your G-string above the top of your waistband., dim the line between blue jeans and a string bikini. And i have to agree with that.

The only question is, how low can they go? Sanna's Brazil Fashion seems to have given us the answer with their new line of bikini pants that combine ultra low-cut blue jeans with an integrated string bikini bottom. The effect is stunning...look classy... super sexy yet extremely flattering, without showing more skin than a normal bikini displays. Surething everybody's got their eye on you when you walk on the street or whenever you are.
I think wearing this bikini jeans really rocking on this trend. You can actually wear a ralph lauren designer top to finish the look or a lauren ralph cardigan like the woman in the picture. This could be perfect for those who have always found it a struggle to decide on wearing a bikini bottoms or actual pants. Then, i could imagine that someone is more likely to lose their lunch then go "wow!"