Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans Trend

Jeans still rule, because it is highly practical and comfortable but denim fashion trends has been seen so many transformations that no one will hardly imagine what can surprise now to a fashionista in this new style of jeans.

Initially, blue jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers, especially in the factories during World War II. During this period, men's jeans had the zipper down the front, whereas women's jeans had the zipper down the right side. By the 1960s, both men's and women's jeans had the zipper down the front.

Jeans come in many styles and fits based on the manufacturer; some of most popular brands include Lee's, Levis, Ralph Lauren, Urban Pipeline, Unionbay, NoBoundaries, Wranglers, Old Navy, and G-Star Raw. The styles popular of teenagers include yellow and white fades to look as if they have been worn down and been worked in and skinny jeans worn with flats or Sperry Top-Siders in in a wide range of colors from red and purple to more traditional black and various shades of blue. Some brands even sell vintage looks where the legs are pre-scrathed and torn before use.

In the past years designer clothes(vĂȘtements de marque) jeans have been partly replaced by dresses, leggings and other designers’ stuff. However, they are back with us and now they are very manly! It’s new denim lauren ralph jeans trends 2009!

Currently, they are popularized by celebrities and it is new as girls used to like visiting men clothes’ department store to try on some new modern pieces. For instance, girls from far ‘80s liked to “borrow” their boyfriend stylish denim. And now we see the revival of this style in a womens wardrobe the boyfriend Jeans.

This boyfriend jeans are again accepted as a greatest trend of the season! If you love faded jeans and studied styles, you'll love these as much as we do. A fab cross between casual and chic you could wear to anything. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Rachel Bilson are well-known for using the boyfit Jeans but ... before you run out to buy your first pair of boy-inspired jeans..some experts started giving their advice on how to wear such jeans: with beautiful heeled shoes and sexy tops. So that you accent the closest fit part of the pant to your body. A closely fit button down shirt keeps in theme of looking like you borrowed your man’s clothes, and makes the look polished enough to wear to the office.

A fierce high heel, especially a gladiator heel, keeps it edgy and adds the perfect hint of rugged sexiness, to complete the outfit and prevent your legs from looking stumpy in this baggier fit style.


discount designer jeans said...

Jeniffer Aniston's look alright..but I'm really not feeling the other ones. Just too baggy!