Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off Shouder Trend for Spring 2009

The biggest trend that emerged for Spring 2009 favor one-shoulder asymmetric lines and the perennial Goddess gown gets a modern makeover. Loved on the red carpet for their elegance and femininity, draped Grecian gowns have been a firm favorite for several seasons. Most fashion designers believe that off-shoulder outfits are the perfect way to make a bold fashion statement without crossing the line.
One-shoulder dresses are something every woman should probably have in her closet this season.It gives women an elegant and alluring look for the evening. Just keep it simple when wearing this stylish dresses. Minimal accessorrizing needed and you can find a really great style at practically every budget. For a cheap chic look the off-the-shoulder dress from vĂȘtements de marque with high heels and some dainty earrings or it also looks amazing with black tights, skinny Jeans from Ralph Lauren and chunky heels.

An off-shoulder dress instantly shows a lot of skin, but not necessarily the areas a woman is not comfortable showing off, like her lower back or cleavage. These dresses are very cool and comfortable. If you possessed of a good pair of shoulders, then by all means reveal them in an evening gown.

To finish the look go for a pair of large earrings that frame your face or simply pick up a funky necklace. Keep the make up minimum and tie you hair so that your shoulders get the attention,

Regardless of your budget, the hottest look for 2009 is just one shoulder away.


Anonymous said...

Really great article.

Egle said...

Well,I made these earrings myself.

Arun said...

Women’s look like sexy in Off Shoulder dresses.
I like it….